Monday, June 23, 2003


Another long time since I've written. Time really flies. Even when you aren't having a lot of fun! I've been working a lot lately. I figured out 47-50 hours a week. I usually go in a bit early to work on my paperwork and inspect everything. If I don't, I usually run out of everything I need halfway through the night.

We have a new manager there. She's really going to be a good influence, I believe. Some of the employee's won't like it but that's because they've been getting away with so much crap for so long. I've grown tired of being taken advantage of, talked about behind my back and treated poorly to my face. So I have in turn had to become harder than I normally am. I don't let up on them for a minute because they'll try to take advantage. Today I have to deal with one of the workers. She started asking to be sent home early the minute I walked in the door. I hadn't even clocked in or figured out what was going on. I turned to talk to her and she's giving me this really dirty look, so I sent her home. I definitely don't need that sort of thing. My job is hard enough already.

But I'll probably be made out to be the "wrong" one anyway.

Went to the ocean last week. That's something that keeps me going. I am definitely going to buy a car as soon as possible so I can go whenever I want to go or just need to get away.

Other than that... nothing new except my son is visiting for the summer. Which is a true gift. He's such a sweetheart.
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