Saturday, May 24, 2003

Sometimes it still doesn't seem real. Living in California. I shake my head and think of how magical this place is to so many people around the world. Now I live here. I can just walk outside and "be" here. It seems very unreal at times.

So how are things up in the mountains? They're good. The rains have finally calmed down and summer is starting to kick in. It can get really hot here. It was up 90+ yesterday. Today I believe it's a bit cooler but there is a front hitting the coast from what I heard.

We live behind a mountain range and the actual coastline. About 45+ minute drive through the mountains (which can be quite hair-raising trip if you aren't used to it!) to get to the actual ocean. Still we're considered "coastal" by most people.

Lots of Redwoods here. Not the fat/huge ones that are further east but the really tall skinny ones. I have one outside my bedroom window. A little guy probably only 25 years old or so. But the mountains on both sides of us are covered with them. They aren't cut down because most of the land surrounding here are national and state parks.

So now the weather is beautiful, everything is wonderfully green and this is the time when California will work it's magic on you and then you find you are deeply in love with it.
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