Sunday, July 06, 2003

It's almost 3am (it will be after 3am when I get done writing this) and I'm sitting here eating "Cup'O'Life Noodles" and writing this.

First what exactly are "Cup'O'Life Noodles" you ask? If this is your query, then you my friend have never played the SNES game "Earthbound".

Earthbound is a cute little RPG that takes place in modern times. So there are no magical potions. There are cheeseburgers, fries and cup of life noodles. A twist on "Cup'O'Noodles" one finds in supermarkets.

Alright, I admit my humour is strange at this hour. Bear with me, I'm exhausted but I don't want to sleep just yet. I worked today from 4 to close which is my normal shift now. It's exhausting to say the least and I'm going to break a cardinal rule I haven't broken before. I'm going to talk about people I work with. The names will be changed to protect the whatever... innocent? Who knows.

There is a person I work with, a new person whom I shall call Bob. Now Bob is young and this is probably his first job. However. He's very difficult to work with and the other managers complain about him to the General Manager all the time. The heat comes back to me and I've heard that it's all my fault he's so difficult to work with and the latest thing is he's making me look really bad.

Fair enough.

I finally put my foot down and wrote him up tonight. He's suspended pending further review by the GM. Most likely he'll be fired. I don't really feel great about the outcome but tonight was just insane. He was short with customers, crabby, dragging his feet and just unpleasant to work with. This sort of thing will make the owner insane if he sees a report on him. I did what I had to do but I wonder, how will Bob remember me in 20 years? It's that sort of thing that keeps me up at night eating "Cup'O'Life Noodles" and typing my heart out here.


What else is new? Let's get off the subject of work before a scandal is created... because my work would make Payton Place look like a Tupperware Party for nuns.


My youngest son Chad is visiting and today he let off a firework inside the house (brilliant! not.) burning up my oldest son's wool rug. Needless to say, the rug hit the fan and they fought. I'm not sure what the status is at the moment because the outcome occurred while I was at work. It seems calm though.

Brice spent the 4th on the coast and got to see the sun set there for the first time. I truly need a car so I can see this, too. He said it reminded him of a wok on it's side, sinking into the ocean. Interesting description!

Minka my foundling and "love-me! love-me!" is pregnant. I couldn't afford to get her spayed and my son's friends were careless with letting her out. So now I've got to either spay/abortion her or have the kittens. Frankly, I can't bear the thought of aborting them. It makes me want to cry.

And I'm still in love with the same man I've been in love with for months and months now. He knows. I believe he cares a smidgen but he's still involved with someone else. I have the worst possible luck with men, ever. Ever! *sigh* I should have just not even hoped from the beginning and I wouldn't be in this pickle now. "Here's me in a pickle! It's a huge pickle! How do they grow pickles so big?"

"This is a fine pickle I've gotten myself into. Should win blue ribbon at the county fair!"

Okay, I'm really tired and can't think of anymore witty pickle related puns.

Well, I could.... ;)
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Monday, June 23, 2003


Another long time since I've written. Time really flies. Even when you aren't having a lot of fun! I've been working a lot lately. I figured out 47-50 hours a week. I usually go in a bit early to work on my paperwork and inspect everything. If I don't, I usually run out of everything I need halfway through the night.

We have a new manager there. She's really going to be a good influence, I believe. Some of the employee's won't like it but that's because they've been getting away with so much crap for so long. I've grown tired of being taken advantage of, talked about behind my back and treated poorly to my face. So I have in turn had to become harder than I normally am. I don't let up on them for a minute because they'll try to take advantage. Today I have to deal with one of the workers. She started asking to be sent home early the minute I walked in the door. I hadn't even clocked in or figured out what was going on. I turned to talk to her and she's giving me this really dirty look, so I sent her home. I definitely don't need that sort of thing. My job is hard enough already.

But I'll probably be made out to be the "wrong" one anyway.

Went to the ocean last week. That's something that keeps me going. I am definitely going to buy a car as soon as possible so I can go whenever I want to go or just need to get away.

Other than that... nothing new except my son is visiting for the summer. Which is a true gift. He's such a sweetheart.
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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Sometimes it still doesn't seem real. Living in California. I shake my head and think of how magical this place is to so many people around the world. Now I live here. I can just walk outside and "be" here. It seems very unreal at times.

So how are things up in the mountains? They're good. The rains have finally calmed down and summer is starting to kick in. It can get really hot here. It was up 90+ yesterday. Today I believe it's a bit cooler but there is a front hitting the coast from what I heard.

We live behind a mountain range and the actual coastline. About 45+ minute drive through the mountains (which can be quite hair-raising trip if you aren't used to it!) to get to the actual ocean. Still we're considered "coastal" by most people.

Lots of Redwoods here. Not the fat/huge ones that are further east but the really tall skinny ones. I have one outside my bedroom window. A little guy probably only 25 years old or so. But the mountains on both sides of us are covered with them. They aren't cut down because most of the land surrounding here are national and state parks.

So now the weather is beautiful, everything is wonderfully green and this is the time when California will work it's magic on you and then you find you are deeply in love with it.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Blogger is working today!

Yea :)

The NHL Playoffs have started. It's Hockey Season in California! I get to see hockey almost every night. What a relief it's been to see my favourite game. Even if all I get to see is the Devils and Bruins play. I can hope at least Boston will whoop the pants off of New Jersey. I have a very complicated set of "Hockey Rules" that cover what teams I want to win. Most important is any team that beat the Leafs in any playoffs since 1999 are teams that must lose now. So New Jersey of course is one of those teams. Washington, Ottawa and Boston can win. Since the Leafs are playing the Flyers, of course the Flyers must lose. It's all rather complicated and can change at any given point depending on who's winning.

How's the job going? Okay. Still going to the Management Training classes in Ukiah. It's a pain to get down there because I have to ask my father to take me. Not fun, since he's not big on driving down there. Only a few more weeks. I hope I can get some good money back from my taxes. Then my plan to become a driver can start. First thing is getting my eyes examined and a new prescription written. Then my license, then a car. I can't wait to drive again. Such freedom.

Home is okay. A little more furniture. Minka is pregnant I believe. She is acting like a pregnant woman, sleeping all the time and very lethargic. She got out one day while she was in heat and was gone for two+ days. Someone, one of Brice's nasty little friends opened the window in the living room. She got out. That really, truly pissed me off. I only hope she has one kitten. We'll keep the baby and get them both fixed. I know I'll be making more money in the summer because of overtime. I feel like my own daughter is pregnant.

Love life update. Well, this is as complicated as ever. No, I take that back, it's not complicated at all. I made a decision. Some of you know that I've had an infatuation for a certain man. I won't mention who because I don't know who might read this. Suffice to say that the situation was impossible. I had decided to move on and find someone who I really like and who likes me in return instead of being stupid. Well I found someone. I don't know what incredible luck I have or maybe why God decided to smile on me but I met someone who is such an anomaly here in Willits. He's handsome, educated, traveled, likes art, plays the piano, paints. He's kind, gentle. If I were making a list of everything I'd like in a man, he'd be the exact match of it. Amazing. Oh, yea, he's a pilot. I still shake my head that I met someone like him. Especially here. I thought the best I could hope for was maybe a cowboy who might like art or something. Right now we've seen each other twice and he's met Brice. I'll keep you updated. :)

The weather here isn't quite as warm as I could hope for but everyone says I will relish these cold days when summer decides to turn itself on, completely. It's rainy, overcast and cold right now. Brice and I both got sick again and I believe that we don't quite ever get over it because it's always so damp here. Not in the house. I try to keep it toasty inside. I figure that we feel miserable enough being sick. Being sick and cold is too much to ask of us. My new friend - who I will just call "The Pilot" for privacy sake - came over yesterday and it was way too warm inside for him. Poor thing. I also think that working where I do, I like it warmer now. It's so warm there behind the counter that you get used to higher temperatures.

So that's about it for now. *hugs hugs* all around!
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Saturday, April 12, 2003

I haven't written here in ages. Just going to post some lyrics as a test to see if is working again.

I think of her in the sunken blue
I think of her

Living in a Plasticine of coloured dream
Fire me up, acetylene
She's the rust in my gun
Sweep me up I'm done

Peace Love Hang Ten California
Dreaming of the perfect wave
Yeah yeah yeah

Floating down stream of unconscious
Waiting for a girl on a train

Train of thought falling off the track
Radios and Cadillacs
Satellite in the sky
Kiss me first, before I die

Peace Love Hang Ten California
Dreaming of the perfect wave
Yeah yeah yeah

Son now take care don't they warn ya
Man there's gonna come a rain
Yeah yeah

Mm Mmmm California
Waiting for a girl on a train

I think of her in the sunken blue
In the mouth of pain
I wait for her as the storm comes screaming through my veins

Peace Love Hang Ten California
Dreaming of the perfect wave
Yeah yeah yeah

Floating down the stream of unconscious
Waiting for a girl on a train
Yeah Yeah

Peace Love Hang Ten California
Dreaming of the perfect wave
Yeah yeah yeah

Son now take care don't the warn ya
Man there's going to come a rain
Yeah Yeah

Wearing yourself thin California
Wearing yourself thin California

Waiting for a girl on a train

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